Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp

Virtual bootcamp to help undergraduate and graduate students learn an entrepreneurial approach to work and life.



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EMB Overview

In today's workforce, the top skill sets employers are looking for directly correlate with the entrepreneurial mindset. Whether you’re dreaming of launching your own business, planning for your career after college, or you’re not sure which path to follow - EMB is for you!

Led by Cam Houser of Actionworks, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp (EMB) is a four-week virtual bootcamp to help undergraduate students learn an entrepreneurial approach to work and life. This bootcamp is for both students wanting to start their own businesses and those wanting to cultivate the entrepreneurial skills needed for the modern workforce. 

Build confidence. Find community.


Introduction: What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset & Why It Matters

Information Overload: How to Make Effective Decisions in Complex Environments

Ideation: How Entrepreneurs Generate Compelling Ideas

Customer Discovery: How to Pressure Test Your Ideas

Present Like an Entrepreneur: How to Pitch Yourself & Your Ideas

Program Details


- Develop your confidence as an entrepreneurial leader

- Learn tangible skills such as how to approach solving a business problem, pitching, prototyping, etc.

- Find a community of like-minded students across the United States

Ideal Participants

- Undergraduate or graduate student at any university within the Blackstone LaunchPad Network

- Any major and background

- Curious and open to learning about entrepreneurship skills

- Open to collaborating with peers and participating in workshop exercises - this is not a lecture-based experience! 

Time Commitment

Program: To be determined

Summer 2023


Rolling application opens: April 20th, 2023

Application closes: May 20th, 2023

Alumni Testimonials

“Signing up for the EMB, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve taken in a lot of content but rarely have I been moved to action as much as this has.”  
EMB Participant, Spring ’22 

EMB Participant, Spring '22

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp really shook and dispelled what I thought entrepreneurship was and really set the foundation to say, hey, this is a safe place to fail. And even if you fail outside the bootcamp, that’s ok.” 

EMB Participant, Spring '21

“When I came into this bootcamp, I didn’t really have any ideas myself for a business idea, but this helped me get the ball rolling. I started thinking about some things that I might want to pursue in the future.”

EMB Participant, Fall '21

“My favorite thing about this whole bootcamp was everyone’s encouragement. I could really feel the energy from this group.” 

EMB Participant, Fall '21

“I didn’t know going into the program how we would make decisions, or generate and test ideas, or present our ideas. So it was really nice to see from an entrepreneurial point of view how to actually do those things.” 

EMB Participant, Fall '21