Student Entrepreneur
Acceleration & Launch

SEAL is a 9-week capstone-like accelerator that picks the most promising undergrad, grad, and faculty startups at UT and helps them make a go or no-go decision.



Raised in Investments

$500+ Million

Total Company Valuation



SEAL Overview

SEAL offers workshop sessions led by veteran entrepreneurs, a community of handpicked industry-specific mentors, and a final decision day where teams share their learnings and unveil what's next for the venture.

Student Entrepreneur Acceleration & Launch (SEAL) is a nine-week summer accelerator that helps emerging undergraduate, graduate, and faculty startups explore a core hypothesis with the goal of ultimately accelerating, pivoting, or rightfully shutting down their venture. 

SEAL started in 2009 at the Austin Technology Incubator.

Decision Day

Instead of a traditional “demo day,” SEAL culminates in a Decision Day where, based on individual research and expert feedback, teams determine whether their venture can survive the real world and make a go or no-go decision.

Alumni Companies

Program Details


- Learn about common challenges that early stage companies face (and how to address them) from active entrepreneurs

- Refine your company's roadmap based on your industry's milestones

- Build confidence in yourself as a founder and leader

- Gain relationships with people in the Austin startup ecosystem

- Connect with a cohort of similar peers to support each other along this unique journey

Ideal Participants

- Undergraduate, graduate, faculty, or recent graduate (up to 2 semesters) from UT Austin

- Has already done extensive customer discovery and validated the problem

- Ready to start building their MVP or already has some level of traction (users or paying customers)

Time Commitment
(Summer 2024)

Program: June 4 -August 1
Sessions: Tues/Thurs 4-6PM CST
Demo Day: Aug 1, from 3-7PM


Opens: March 20, 2024
Closes: April 20, 2024

Alumni Testimonials

"SEAL has been amazing! I have really enjoyed the conversations we have had especially the one about realities of a founder. The topics are exactly what I am looking for as I transition from a student startup to a legitimate one."

Amaan Dosani
Founder, HiFive
Class of Spring '22
Management & Entrepreneurship

“SEAL introduced me to mentors who have asked me critical questions, helped me identify challenges and opportunities, and, importantly, broaden my social network. The opportunity to hear the stories of new founders and experienced founders has been quite extraordinary in terms of understanding my own journey and why I chose this path.”

Dr. S. Craig Watkins
Founder, GoodRithms
Founding Director, Institute for Media Innovation
Executive Director, IC2 Institute

"SEAL has been a great resource for my company. It has given us access to mentors and other advisers that would not have been possible otherwise. It's also been great to bounce ideas off of other founders who are also going through this startup journey."

Connor Crawford
President & CEO, Pike Robotics
Class of Fall '22
Mechanical Engineering, Master's

"SEAL demands that we refine our thinking around what we're building, in the best way possible. It's forced us to scrutinize unit economics, polish our investor presentations and carefully consider what it means to be a founder. SEAL lends to building with confidence."

Thomas Shields
Founder, BiteSize Sports
Class of Spring '23
Evening MBA

"SEAL has helped our company fine tune our business model and go-to-market strategy through its dedicated workshops and hands-on mentorship.  Most importantly, I already know that the lessons learned and relationships made through SEAL will last well beyond the conclusion of the accelerator!"

Kevin Long
Founder, Outmore
Class of Spring '23